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    Iron ore & Steel
    Plan gives steel industry hope of brighter days ahead2023-10-06
    Optimism is growing despite downward pressure on China's steel industry, with experts predicting a better supply-demand balance thanks to the country's efforts to stabilize growth, new policies for managing crude steel production, and increasing demand from emerging sectors like new energy vehicles and solar power.
    China's major steel companies produce less pollution in Q12023-05-02
    China's major steel companies produced less pollution during the first quarter of 2023, according to data from the China Iron and Steel Association.
    China breaks ground on major underground iron ore mine project2022-11-17
    China's major steelmaker Ansteel broke ground on a 22.9-billion-yuan (about 3.25 billion U.S. dollars) underground iron ore mine project in northeast China's Liaoning Province on Wednesday.
    Rio Tinto, China's Baowu Steel agree on joint venture to develop iron ore in W. Australia2022-09-15
    Mining group Rio Tinto on Wednesday announced that it will team up with China Baowu Steel Group to develop a Western Range iron ore project in the Pilbara region of Western Australia, with a joint investment of 2 billion U.S. dollars.
    China's stainless steel industry resilient: industry insiders2022-08-18
    The Chinese market for stainless steel shows resilience and is brimming with opportunities, despite the disruption that COVID-19 has brought to the global stainless steel industry, according to industry insiders.
    China's daily crude steel output down in late July2022-08-08
    China's major steel mills saw their average daily output of crude steel decrease 7.25 percent in late July from that recorded in mid-July, industrial data showed.
    China's steel consumption falls in Q12022-05-01
    China's steel consumption fell 5 percent year on year during the first quarter of the year (Q1) partly due to waning demand as the resurgence of domestic COVID-19 cases slowed down the construction of many projects.
    Steel sector to see limited impact from external woes2022-04-13
    Adding more strain to global steel supplies and price inflation of raw materials, the Russia-Ukraine conflict has increased China's steel production costs, yet experts said as domestic steel market expectations level off amid Chinese authorities' efforts to ensure stable economic growth, the domestic steel industry is well-poised for healthy development despite such external factors.
    Success in China boosts metal giant Rio Tinto2022-03-25
    China accounted for a record 57 percent of the 2021 global revenue of London-based Anglo Australian metals and mining giant Rio Tinto Group Plc, the world's biggest iron ore miner.
    Regulators vow order in iron ore market2022-02-24
    Chinese authorities said they will prevent excessive hoarding of iron ore to keep its price stable, stabilize the industrial chain and ensure the market remains stable.
    Govt moots steel revamp, global edge2022-02-08
    China has issued a guideline to encourage major local steel enterprises to carry out mergers and acquisitions, boost industry concentration and raise endogenous power, in order to build world-class conglomerates.
    China's steel sector aims for high-quality growth2022-02-08
    China's steel industry aims to achieve a high-quality growth featuring more advanced technology and equipment, stable resources supply, higher level of intelligence, enhanced global competitiveness and reduced emissions by 2025.
    Key steelmakers to post stellar profits for 20212022-01-12
    China's steel industry expects solid profits in 2021, even as full-year output is estimated to have fallen by 35 million tons from a year earlier to some 1.03 billion tons, said the China Iron and Steel Association.
    China's steel output declines in 20212022-01-11
    China's steel output declined in 2021 amid the country's endeavor to achieve carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals.
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