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    Real Estate
    Nearly 100 Chinese cities lower mortgage rate floor for first homes2023-11-29
    The People's Bank of China (PBOC), China's central bank, said that 95 Chinese cities have lowered the floor on commercial individual mortgage rates for first-time home buyers while 24 others have abolished the floor as of the end of September amid efforts to help bring down borrowing costs for home buyers and boost the real estate market.
    Shenzhen housing move spurs hopes of easing2023-11-24
    South China's Shenzhen in Guangdong province relaxed curbs on local home purchases by lowering payment requirements for second homes to as low as 40 percent effective Thursday.
    Experts: Targeted funding could boost realty sector2023-11-19
    It is sensible for China's monetary policymakers to consider providing targeted funding for affordable housing and shantytown renovation projects, amid a pressing need to boost domestic demand and address property sector risks, experts said.
    China's property investment decreases in first 10 months2023-11-16
    China's investment in property development continued to cool in the first 10 months of 2023, down 9.3 percent year on year, the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) said Wednesday.
    Fine-tuned policies spark realty recovery2023-10-20
    China's housing market led by first-tier cities is showing signs of regaining stability on the back of recent supportive measures, indicating the current downturn in home prices might have been checked for now, paving the way for a mild recovery, industry experts said on Thursday after reviewing the latest data.
    Mood brighter, but home sales mixed during holiday2023-10-10
    Housing markets in major Chinese cities recorded varying trends during the eight-day holiday ending Friday, with key cities seeing stabilization while smaller cities appeared to need a longer time for full recovery, industry analysts said on Monday.
    China optimizes policies for healthy development of real estate sector2023-10-03
    China has been actively rolling out policies to cater to the residential sales market and boost the healthy development of the real estate sector, including policies to ease restrictions on the classification of first-home buyers, lower existing first-home loan rates, and extend tax incentives.
    As loan rates fall, housing perks up2023-09-26
    Housing industry experts said they believe the rate adjustment, along with various optimization policies, will help boost market sentiment as well as demand for upgraded housing among existing homeowners.
    Property sector showing signs of recovery2023-09-15
    According to realty market analysis provider China Index Holdings, after the policy implementation, since late August, nationwide willingness to purchase real estate has increased by 15 percentage points, with significant improvements seen in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, where the first two saw increases of around 20 percentage points each.
    Policy incentives spur new, pre-owned home purchases2023-09-12
    Ever since major cities in China launched policy incentives in late July to warm up the realty market, housing agent Wu Lei's phone has turned into a 24/7 hotline, with a deluge of inquiries on property purchase being made every day.
    China's big lenders to lower rates on existing first-home loans2023-09-08
    China's four state-owned commercial banks announced Thursday that they will cut interest rates on existing mortgages for first-home loans.
    Explainer: What do China's eased mortgage policies mean for home buyers, property sector2023-09-02
    China's financial authorities eased mortgage policies on Thursday in an effort to better meet housing demand and promote sound development of the property sector. Here is a quick summary of what the policy adjustment means for home buyers and the real estate market.
    Guangzhou eases homebuying policy2023-08-31
    Guangzhou in Guangdong province on Wednesday became the first tier-one city in China to ease its policy on residential property purchases and categorize households with mortgage records but no local home ownership as first-time homebuyers.
    Fewer cities see home prices rise in July2023-08-17
    Fewer Chinese cities reported home price increases both in month-on-month and year-on-year terms in July, and residential property prices in major Chinese cities were either flat or down slightly from a month ago.
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