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  • 簡體中文
    China strengthens tax, fee relief measures to shore up business2023-11-28
    China strengthened several tax and fee relief measures to support the development of businesses and bolster the real economy this year, official data showed on Monday.
    China's State Council supports Beijing in opening up services sector2023-11-24
    China's State Council has approved a work plan to support Beijing in deepening the construction of the Integrated National Demonstration Zone for Opening up the Services Sector, according to the Ministry of Commerce on Thursday.
    Experts: Targeted funding could boost realty sector2023-11-19
    It is sensible for China's monetary policymakers to consider providing targeted funding for affordable housing and shantytown renovation projects, amid a pressing need to boost domestic demand and address property sector risks, experts said.
    China's cash policy, financial stability boost economic growth, says expert2023-11-05
    A wise cash policy and financial stability are the main characteristics of the Chinese economy, Diaa Helmy, an Egyptian economist, has said.
    China announces export control on certain graphite materials, products2023-10-21
    The Chinese government announced on Friday that it will impose export controls on certain graphite materials and related products.
    China to further ease foreign ownership restrictions: ministry2023-10-13
    China will mull the feasibility of further removing or relaxing foreign ownership restrictions to draw more global investors, the Ministry of Commerce said Thursday.
    China issues guidelines to promote high-quality development of inclusive finance2023-10-12
    China's State Council has released a guideline document specifying policies and measures to promote the high-quality development of inclusive finance over the next five years.
    Nation reveals plan to boost computing power, digital economy2023-10-10
    China aims to boost its aggregate computing power by more than 30 percent by 2025, in a plan to scale up digital infrastructure that is key to buoying the country's thriving digital economy and to inject new vitality into high-quality development of its sprawling industries.
    Expansionary fiscal policy need of hour2023-10-09
    China ended its dynamic zero-COVID-19 epidemic response policy late last year, and by January-end, the sales revenue of various consumer sectors nationwide had climbed by 12.2 percent year-on-year during Spring Festival, or Chinese New Year.
    China optimizes policies for healthy development of real estate sector2023-10-03
    China has been actively rolling out policies to cater to the residential sales market and boost the healthy development of the real estate sector, including policies to ease restrictions on the classification of first-home buyers, lower existing first-home loan rates, and extend tax incentives.
    Measures to solidify growth in foreign trade2023-09-29
    China will implement a series of policy measures, including advancing trade cooperation in the new energy vehicle sector and upgrading the development of processing trade, to solidify its foreign trade growth this year, government officials said on Thursday.
    China announces reserve requirement ratio cut to consolidate economic recovery2023-09-15
    China's central bank on Thursday said it will cut the financial-institution reserve requirement ratio (RRR) by 0.25 percentage points from Sept. 15 to consolidate the foundation for economic recovery and keep liquidity reasonably ample.
    Policy steps to sustain trade momentum2023-09-15
    China will roll out a raft of well-focused policy steps to sustain the sound momentum of its foreign trade, which has been resilient and stable in the first eight months of the year despite sluggish global economic and trade growth, said the Ministry of Commerce in Beijing on Thursday.
    China establishes bureau for private economy development2023-09-04
    China has set up a bureau under the country's top economic planner specializing in promoting the private economy's development.
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