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    China's pivotal role in global growth hailed2023-11-20
    China has been a dedicated proponent of global development and a builder of a community with a shared future for humanity amid mounting challenges, global experts and officials said on Saturday.
    CIIE proves China's dedication to reform and opening up, says Burberry China2023-11-03
    The China International Import Expo (CIIE) reflects China's dedication to high-level reform and opening up, global recovery, and shared prosperity, the president of Burberry China told Xinhua this week.
    Interview: CIIE a powerful platform to boost int'l trade, says ITC head2023-10-28
    The China International Import Expo (CIIE) is a "powerful platform" to boost international trade, said Pamela Coke-Hamilton, executive director of the International Trade Centre (ITC).
    Economist says China has ample policy space to boost economy2023-10-20
    China has ample policy space to boost economic growth and handle challenges, and the economy is set to achieve its 2023 growth target, said Pan Jiancheng, a Chinese macroeconomist.
    Commentary: China's economy disappoints naysayers again2023-10-20
    The upturn in the Chinese economy has disappointed China-bashers again, with newly released economic data and a just-concluded forum on Belt and Road cooperation both sending strong and positive messages.
    Digital cooperation seen as key to world's recovery2023-10-18
    Digital cooperation between China and other countries and regions involved in the Belt and Road Initiative, which has been deepening in recent years, is aiding the development of the digital economy and trade, and facilitating global economic recovery, experts said.
    Top economist ardent on continued success2023-10-17
    China will not follow in Japan's footsteps of the 1990s and fall into a so-called balance-sheet recession period characterized by income being used to pay down debt rather than spend, according to a top economist.
    Economists: Services sector upgrade key to confidence2023-10-07
    Prioritizing the services sector's upgrade in China may be an integral step for the country to further bolster market expectations amid job creation headwinds in midrange to high-end services industries that are weighing on domestic demand, said Zhu Haibin, chief China economist at JPMorgan.
    More US steps on chips seen as harmful2023-10-07
    Intensified attempts by the United States to contain China's rise in the technology industry through export controls will disrupt global supply chains, hurt the interests of US companies and accelerate Chinese companies' efforts for technological breakthroughs, experts said on Friday.
    Chinese economy naysayers to be disappointed yet again: economic planner2023-09-20
    China's top economic planner on Wednesday said that positive factors concerning China's economy are accumulating and that China naysayers will be disappointed yet again.
    Commentary: For global investors, "the next China" is China2023-09-20
    Two weeks ago, Tesla reached a new milestone in China after its Shanghai Gigafactory rolled out its 2 millionth made-in-China vehicle, cutting the time for producing 1 million units from more than two years to less than 13 months.
    Commentary: Why "China collapse" fearmongering destined to fail again2023-09-20
    Some Western officials and media outlets have recently signaled doom and gloom for China's economy with biased reports that paint it as on the verge of "collapse."
    Intensified govt policy support set to boost economic growth in Q42023-09-20
    China's credit is expanding again. The country's total social financing increased by over 3 trillion yuan (about $412 billion) in August, the second-highest level recorded in history for the corresponding period.
    Commentary: Tech suppression futile in containing China's innovation progress2023-09-15
    A new Chinese smartphone was launched online as U.S. Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo visited China at the end of August. Huawei's Mate 60 Pro, testing by Bloomberg News showed, is capable of cellular speeds "on a par with 5G devices like Apple Inc.'s latest iPhones."
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